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Lauren Isaacson, MBA

Curio Research is Lauren Isaacson. She is an American ex-pat from sunny Los Angeles, living in rainy Vancouver, British Columbia. It's okay, she doesn't mind the wet.

She earned her MBA from Pepperdine University and soon after discovered a talent and passion for qualitative and quantitative research as an Account Planner at interactive ad agencies in LA. Currently, Lauren works as a direct consultant on projects or as a subcontractor contributing to projects through various design, change management, and research agencies.

During her career Lauren has worked on new product launches for automotive brands, research process development and management, UX research and testing for software companies, customer satisfaction measurement for national organizations, exploratory research for major website redesigns, and many other interesting and high stakes research and analysis projects.

Lauren brings her expertise in market research, user experience research, and data analysis to every project and focuses on delivering actionable insights to her clients and stakeholders.

Lauren is an Advanced member of the QRCA

Lauren is an Advanced member of the QRCA

Co-Chair, QRCA Pacific Northwest Chapter
Former Chair, MRIA BC Chapter
Former Board Chair and Current Board Member, Better Environmentally Sound Transportation

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