Big Design 2017 Presentation on Survey Design

I just got back home from my first official speaking gig at Big Design in Dallas, Texas. I was very nervous and the talk didn't go as smooth as I would have liked but I had a really engaged audience who peppered me with thoughtful questions throughout the talk and after. I was pleasantly surprised that people were so interested in surveys.

As promised, here are my slides:

As a bonus, the University of Texas User Experience Club did sketchnotes of all of the talks. Here is the sketchnote from mine.

Accessible Research Presentation at Style & Class

Last night I gave a presentation at a local web design and developer meet-up, Style & Class. I spoke about being inclusive to disabled people in qualitative research. This is not something I have direct experience with, I'm just as guilty as anyone else on this subject. Most of the advice has been adapted from a presentation by Maya Middlemiss, from Saros Research in the UK.

I learned a lot in writing this presentation and I will be encouraging clients to involve disabled people in their research going forward.